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16th-Jan-2012 10:41 pm(no subject)
I just wanted to tout the new Stephanie Plum movie One for the Money, starring Kathrine Heigl, Jason Omara and Daniel Sunjata. The movie is based on the Janet Evanovich novel One for the Money, which is the first in the Stephanie Plum series, now 18 books deep.

In the movie, Stephanie Plum, played by Katherine Heigl loses her job as a lingerie salesperson, and takes on the job of bounty hunter. Her first job is to bring back childhood sweetheart Joe Morelli, played by Jason Omara. Daniel Sunjata plays the mysterious mentor Ranger.

For most of the years this script was in limbo, Reese Witherspoon was associated with it, and Betty White was thought to be a shoe in for Gramma Mazur. But Katherine Heigl got the role of Stephanie Plum, and Debby Reynolds was cast as Gramma Mazur.
12th-Jul-2011 04:52 pm - Psychological games
It seems that politicians in DC are playing games with their threats to not raise the limit. While I would be surprised if there were not some on the right and left who would put rhetoric over reality, most of those politicians are not so dumb as to realize that defaulting on the full faith and credit of the US government would be bad for their own portfolios.

With the possible exception of Eric Cantor, who is reportedly shorting the bond market, likely planning to profit when he torpedos the talks.

I recently blogged that I feared we were not getting the whole story from Japan, about the emerging nuclear power catastrophe there. Of course Senator  Alexander from Tennessee reassured that there was little likelihood of exposure. But my fears appear to be closer to the mark.

Since then we have learned that the third nuclear plant had an explosion,  yesterday, that they are only now admitting, and that one was worse than the other two. It signaled a leak, and one that appears to have breached the container. Now  there is a radioactive leak comparable to about a years worth of exposure for every 2 hours worth of the reported levels, And many of us think they are lowballing that number, just like the deep sea gusher was lowballed.

And in the past few minutes we learned that a fourth reactor is on fire.

Don't believe these guys. They have covered up their problems in the past. They have money at stake. They care more about that than any likihood you could get cancer. The Japanese prime minister has admitted there was a fire, associated with the spent fuel storage area that was shut down at the time. These spent fuels have been associated with the fire. They said anyone in 19 miles should stay away.

Diabetic Retinopathy has not had much in the way of pharmaceutical choices. Two recent studies, summarized at medscape.org have shown some promise. While there was not an significant help for the type 1 diabetics, the type 2 diabetics showed some modest improvement for those who were in the early stages of retinopathy.

More about Retinopathy can be found at the article on Retinopathy and Eye Problems that I have mentioned in previous blog posts on the subject. Happy New year to everyone if I dont get back on here until 2011! I am busy building a web site to help with diabetes information and resources.
9th-Dec-2010 10:59 pm(no subject)
Been a while since I posted here, but I can't keep quiet when free speech is at stake. While I don't have an especially positive regard for Julian Assange, or his specific methods,-- either of contraception or of other more controversial leaks -- I do have high regard for the free speech principals at stake. If the US governnent , the banks, and Visa, Mastercard and Paypal all team up on these guys, when all they really did was embarrass a bunch of boorish, gossipy diplomats, imagine how tightly they would clamp down on any true expose of abuses of power.

If our government's day to day operations can't tolerate a little sunshine, can you imagine what must be going on in the deeper and darker parts of the government?  I have written 2 blog post critical of the Wiki Leak slapdown, and I sure hope that when my computer started acting woolly just now, in the middle of this post, it wasnt some cyber bot trying to stifle my freedom to say my piece, I dont really think it is, but our world has devolved  to that kind of place, where privacy and free speech need to be reclaimed if we are to have them at all in the future. When George W Bush began to eavesdrop without court approved wire taps it was more than a slippery slope... more like a noose around the values our founding fathers had nurtured. It could have been reversed by President Obama, but this "Champion of transparency" has been anything but transparent, and his choice not to prosecute those in the Bush White House who stole our rights, and his advocacy for the phone companies illegal activities, was a harbinger of things to come.

Now, when it is something HE does not want out, the power of corporate America is behind him as he attempts to stifle free speech that he does not agree with. This is small potatoes but they still go after it, and they sure don't go after any of the bankers who ruined our country, or the insurance industry zealots who threaten our health just to turn a big profit.

I am quite disappointed and waiting to see who will challenge the great appeaser in 2012. I can't believe I am in agreement with Ralph Nader, but Obama appears to have few principles other than being opportunistic..What a disappointment he has become. Where is John Lennon when we need him?
12th-Nov-2010 09:52 pm - Diabetic Retinopathy is Scarey

I know if I have Diabetes and my eyesight problems are quite bothersome. What I am not sure of is whether or not I have diabetic retinopathy. My eyesight is blurry, and i do have floaters and other problems like the flashing lights at night that make driving stressful after dark.I guess I need to get back to my doctor. I have had type 2 diabetes for a couple years now, and so far I have been able to stay off medications like insulin. Another thing I am trying to figure out, so that is what I write about, is how diabetic retinopathy is treated.

I guess that is why I am planning to take on writing about it. The above link is to an article I wrote on it, and it stemmed from my own research trying to find out why my eyes feel like they belong to some old geezer that I do not know. I plan to write a series of such articles and use that as an opportunity to learn more about my diabetes and share it while I am learning. 

As a scientist (in another profession) and an author, I know I am supposed to be objective, and I hope my article reflects at least some effort to be objective, but I know that on this topic I won't be able to entirely pull that off. I will give it my best shot, and hope my followers and friends in the social media are able to give constructive feedback. I plan to start a web page on it soon as well. I haven't had anything but a blog for some time, but once had a quite well positioned web site on another area of expertise.

I think there is a big difference between blogging about diabetes, like this, where I feel free to be chatty and personal, and writing articles that are intended to be educational.  I plan to write a few different kinds of articles, ranging from "Is there a cure for diabetes?" to what to do to avoid loosing your foot.  All in all there will be a lot to write about, and I hope i can continue to see well enough to keep writing (LOL).

I am actually probably better off than I sound. I know my hemoglobin A1c, a measure of long term diabetic control (over a few months) is staying well below 7.0. Although I do not like the swings in my daily blood sugar, they generally don't get too far away from the borderline range, and are often normal. I have all my limbs and i can usually stay awake, but boy do I have cravings for carbs, and way too little self control for my own tastes.  
6th-Nov-2010 10:45 pm - China- Taking Down the USA?
As some of you know, China is laying more broadband, developing better and more green technology, and in multiple arenas cleaning America's clock at least economically. While they are the next biggest military power they are not really a military threat, because the USA is so advanced in its weaponry, and has a bigger war machine. but economically, they are pulling ahead, and all the while scooping up handsfull of our debt.

Now I like China, I have been there twice and even more often to other parts of Asia. My complaint here is with the USA. Obama tried a tepid bailout that no one really believed would work. My criticism was largely a matter or scale, and the lack of focus on green jobs. The republicans plan to run the debt through the roof, with tax cuts for the rich, and lord knows how many new wars. But even if they were  tea party serious about cutting our debt, no one is proposing anything like what would be needed to make even a fender bender dent in our IOU's. If our politicians insist on fiddling, then the empire will surely burn.
 Keith was suspended without pay for the donating money to a couple of Democratic candidates. This is not explicitly against their policy, which states bars political activism. In contrast, Fox News Corp, through its parent company and Kingmaker Rupert Murdoch donated well over 1 million dollars to a campaign war chest used against the democrats. And Fox news employees are free to donate to whomever they like, and guess what party that money goes to?

Now I am not a big fan of Keith, who is often over the top, but I welcome the presence of a couple people (Keith, and Rachel Maddow, and Ed Schultz) who clearly provide a small but vocal balance to the Fox behemoth. So now MSNBC, will join CNN and other stations in serving as a "me too" conduit for the talking points they overhear from the Fox news/Think Tank  media machine.
If politicians are curious about why the independents and working class are angry at politicians of every ilk, they need only look right next door at the house being foreclosed, or their neighbor who has had to file for bankruptcy . With nearly one in five US homes worth less than the mortgage, and foreclosures taking down the housing market faster than termites, the government is making no serious effort to stop  foreclosures. Avoiding foreclosures should be a number one priority, along with jobs, and there needs to be a moratorium on these bank hijacks and maybe a modification of bankruptcy laws so that Chapter 13 is easier to get, or alternatively Chapter 7 bankruptcy is strengthened so that homes can be better protected assets.

Another thing government might do is for anyone receiving unemployment benefits, they could have a lawyer (paid for by Uncle Sam) to help them file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, so that they would not have to file for bankruptcy without an attorney . This option, that is the last resort (also known as pro se ) is not the best way to handle this, and if you do not have enough money (sort of a given with bankruptcy, don't you think?) then you need to go though this cumbersome process alone.

Anyone not able to find a job or to keep their home will be mad at the government, whoever is running it. I don't expect this swing in the mood of the electorate to able with any single candidate. Unless or until a real populist comes forward, and succeeds in taking on the big corporations in a Teddy Roosevelt manner, then corporate America will get a pass, and we will punish the politicians rather than the people who are making out like bandits.

Where are Bonny and Clyde when we need them?
3rd-Nov-2010 08:12 pm - Divided Government
While I am not a fan of gridlock, and especially dislike the negativism that abounds in our politics, I am hopeful that the check mate involving having different branches of government ruled by different parties will impact the economy. In the past, the eras in which the government was shared by both parties were the most prosperous.
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